What is REAL?

REAL Entrepreneurship® is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship education. REAL was born as Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning over 30 years ago as a result of the work of Dr. Johathan Sher in North Carolina and Dr. Paul DeLargy in Georgia. They had a vision that entrepreneurship could (and should) be taught as a skill set in high schools. Within just a few years, the REAL curriculum, based on the Experiential Learning Cycle, began to gain ground in high schools across the South, and later, across the U.S.

Post-secondary adaptations followed. Soon, REAL could be found in community college programs as both credit and continuing education offerings. It was inevitable that universities would see the value in an experiential learning-based curriculum, so REAL made its way there, too.

As word spread of this innovative and inclusive way of teaching entrepreneurship, educators from around the globe made their way to North Carolina to become certified REAL facilitators. Today, REAL Entrepreneurship® has a presence in 43 states and over a dozen foreign countries, thanks to the enthusiasm and effort of hundreds of educators.

Entrepreneurship Education Creates Job Creators

Those educators believe that educational institutions can and should go beyond helping students become employable. REAL economic growth and individual opportunity lies in helping students become job creators, not just job seekers.

If you are an educator, trainer, consultant, or community advocate, we'd love to talk to you about bringing REAL Entrepreneurship education to your community. Contact Us today to find out how to get started!



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What People Are Saying...


"...This is hands-down the absolute best professional development/training I have ever done!!!!! Not only was the material fantastic (and the facilitator(s) as well!), but the small group and interactive learning provided great networking opportunities, and that is priceless knowledge and connections!"

 - Jessica McDaniel, Small Business Center Director, Montgomery Community College, Troy, NC

Jessica McDaniel, REAL Facilitator

Our Programs

In addition to our flagship REAL Entrepreneurship curriculum, we offer several targeted programs that focus on Professional Craft Arts entrepreneurship, Agricultural entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship in the Healthcare industry.


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