Will I ever need to be recertified?

For over 30 years, REAL certification has been “once certified, always certified.” We have spoken to many long-time facilitators who have asked about the possibility of updating their certification. We have also witnessed experienced facilitators who have not kept their skills up-to-date, and still others who have so changed the way they use the REAL curriculum that it is far from the experiential learning model.

Because of the feedback we have received regarding this issue, we are exploring the concept of periodic recertification. It is likely that we will soon be transitioning to a system where certifications will need to be renewed every 5 years for instructors wanting to continue to use the REAL curriculum. This recertification process will maintain the integrity of the curriculum and ensure the highest quality instruction possible.

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How can I network with other REAL facilitators to share and learn beyond the training Institute?

We will soon be publishing on our “For Instructors” page a directory of REAL facilitators. In addition, we encourage you to check back soon. We will be creating a closed Facebook group only for REAL certified facilitators.

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Do you have scholarships to pay for my attendance at an Institute or training workshop?

Unfortunately, no. While NC REAL offered some scholarships, these funds were exhausted when NC REAL dissolved. It is not expected that there will be future scholarships (but this could change, so stay tuned…). In lieu of scholarships, we are working on new ways to package and distribute REAL materials to make them more affordable and easier to access and use.

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If I change jobs, can I still use the REAL curriculum?

REAL certification is yours, regardless of who pays for you to become certified. Even if your employer pays for your certification, you are allowed to use the REAL materials if you change jobs or become self-employed.

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What happened to NC REAL?

Due to state and foundation grant funding cuts, the NC REAL organization found it impossible to continue operations past June, 2015. According to the organization’s corporate by-laws, intellectual property assets (including the REAL curriculum) could only be transferred to another 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. When presented with the prospect that this valuable learning inventory might be shelved for lack of a successor, The Sequoyah Fund, Inc. stepped in with an offer to purchase the assets and continue the work REAL had done and the relationships REAL had built for 30 years.

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Why do you say “facilitator” instead of “instructor?”

The REAL Entrepreneurship curriculum is built on the Experiential Learning Cycle. Those who present the material facilitate the learning, rather than instruct students by directing information toward them. Once certified, you’ll find that there’s much less pressure on you as a facilitator than as an instructor. As a facilitator, your students assume a greater role in the learning process.

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How do I become a REAL facilitator?

The heart of the REAL Entrepreneurship curriculum is based in Experiential Learning. Because the Experiential Learning model is central to successful facilitation, we hold training institutes throughout the year to train and certify facilitators. These institutes are week-long events that provide hands-on experience with the curriculum in a classroom or group training environment. You walk away with both the tools and practical experience in sharing this curriculum. Click HERE for information on upcoming training opportunities.

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