Healthcare Entrepreneurship

The overarching goal of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Curriculum is to create self-employment opportunities in the rapidly growing home healthcare field.

The Healthcare Entrepreneurship Curriculum specifically prepares those in home healthcare programs with the necessary skills to start their own business; the activities developed lead students through the entire business planning process. This is not a class that will teach them what they would learn in their regular healthcare classes, this curriculum uses REAL activities that have been specifically developed or adapted to have a healthcare focus.

Examples of topics discussed are: medication errors and reporting, Medicaid/Medicare reporting and activities on the 5 P’s of marketing. Participants in this program will complete a self-assessment; conduct market feasibility, operational feasibility, and financial feasibility studies necessary for starting a home healthcare business. This will eventually lead participants to complete a business plan, including market, operational and financial information for their home healthcare business. All content and activities within the curriculum are strengthened by real-world home healthcare examples.


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