REAL Graphics You Can Use

These graphics are for the exclusive use of certified REAL facilitators.

These graphics may be used in course materials and for marketing purposes. If used on a website or social media, the image must be linked to or contain a tag to the REAL Entrepreneurship website ( These graphics may not be used in any commercial work by which direct income is derived for the user (i.e. imprinted items for sale).

You shall not use these graphics to create the impression that your site, company, or organization owns, is owned by, is a subsidiary of, or holds as a subsidiary REAL Entrepreneurship.

You shall not use REAL Entrepreneurship's trademarks, or any variation or misspelling thereof, in your URL, company or organization name, business name, or site name.

You will not alter or revise REAL Entrepreneurship's creatives, content, or links without prior written approval. This includes all REAL Entrepreneurship logos.

These graphics are the registered trademarks of The Sequoyah Fund, Inc., and any unauthorized use may result in legal action. Please submit any questions you have regarding the use of these images by completing the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of this page.

To save images, right click on the image, and select "Save Image As" or "Copy Image."


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