Items for Your REAL Facilitator's Calendar

This list is not in chronological order. All items may not apply to your organization or school. If you use Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook, we encourage you to enter recurring dates as reminders for your convenience.

  • Evidence Development submissions
  • Orientation session for Community Support Team members
  • REAL staff site visits
  • Deadline for submitting a budget for incidental and training expenses to your organization
  • REAL in-service seminars and workshops
  • Revolving Loan Fund meetings
  • Deadlines for preparing and distributing promotional and recruiting materials
  • Target dates for meeting milestones established in the REAL course sequence
  • REAL Institutes
  • School or organizational course registration dates
  • Standardized tests, assemblies, and other scheduled interruptions
  • Holidays
  • School session calendar (first day, last day, exams, grades due, etc.)
  • Deadline for completion of business plans


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